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Come wipe away your monday blues and come for some punishment.  You know you want to be my bitch, bitch!!!

Please, do not call to make fake appointments.  Please respect that Princess is very busy so planning a session is a lot of work.  Please respect Princess and not call making prank calls.  Please, if you make an appt. and cannot make it or chicken out, just let Princess know with ample time.  I am a good domme, and if you serve me, it is because I have decided we are compatible so feel lucky and special.  I have become VERY picky who I play with.  I want to have a good time as well as you.  And if Princess doesn’t have a good time, neither will you.  This is a personal therapy that deserves respect.  I appreciate you respecting me.  Have a lovely day.  🙂

I have been sessioning a lot and I cannot get enough.  I really enjoy so many kinds of play that it is really easy to be compatible with me. Not really a huge blogger, but if you have any suggestions of what you would like me to blog about, feel free to email me.  🙂 XOXO, Princess

Hello slaves and submissives.  Happy heart day!  I am looking forward to getting gifts from all my devoted fans.  Also, I love the Valentine’s day sessions.  Can’t wait to session with you.   Love Princess