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Any and all gifts are appreciated. Also, I love to have lots of sessions around my birthday, book yours NOW. Show your birthday love. I have a wishlist under gifts on my site. It connects to Amazon. Look forward to getting gifts. 🙂

Next week I will be in Seattle November 18-21. Slots are filling up so book now! December will be Denver and probably DC in January. Super excited!!!!!

Loving those New England boys. Come set up a playdate. So excited to come to the East coast again. Be sure to email me with all of your fetish ideas so I can come jam packed with all of the needed toys. Excited.

I’ve been so busy that I have forgotten to update my blog. I hope all of you subbies are having deviant thoughts. I’m available for sessions regularly, but for late night, you must make an appt. I don’t answer my phone in the middle of the night. I will be making a trip to New England in September. So if you are in that area, do not hesitate to contact me. I much prefer to be contacted through my application page on this site instead of calling initially. I also am open to texts. In any case, I am looking forward to hearing from you to set up a session.

So I have traveled to Las Vegas, NV for a few days. I’m available and able to accept Solo Sessions with myself or Doubles Sessions along with Goddess Leeann. Come out where ever you are and have a great time with me!

I love presents!  What girl doesn’t.  Go to my gifts section of this site and be a good boy and purchase me a fun gift.  I also take greendot for my cash gifts.  🙂 Hugs, Princess

I have some openings for sessions, but booking up really fast.  You have the chance to see a world renowned Dominatrix who is based in Los Angeles.  Me a true domme who was born to dominate men.  Let me know.  So looking forward to my trip.  🙂

Just catching up on blogs.  I am going to be traveling, please call or email if you want to know where.  Would love to hear from you if you have suggestions where I should travel.  Have a beautiful weekend! Spankings and TPE, Princess Sheila xoxo

Come wipe away your monday blues and come for some punishment.  You know you want to be my bitch, bitch!!!

Please, do not call to make fake appointments.  Please respect that Princess is very busy so planning a session is a lot of work.  Please respect Princess and not call making prank calls.  Please, if you make an appt. and cannot make it or chicken out, just let Princess know with ample time.  I am a good domme, and if you serve me, it is because I have decided we are compatible so feel lucky and special.  I have become VERY picky who I play with.  I want to have a good time as well as you.  And if Princess doesn’t have a good time, neither will you.  This is a personal therapy that deserves respect.  I appreciate you respecting me.  Have a lovely day.  🙂